• February 6 (Wednesday)
    Bazaar Night and Market Bag Challenge
  • 7 pm • Honolulu Museum of Art School (Linekona) 1111 Victoria St. Room 201
    Guests are welcome—no admission

    Various sale items

    Our February program will be a Bazaar Night! In the past, it was bundled with the Make-and-Take and White Elephant Sale. This year, the Bazaar will have its own month. Here’s how it works:

    • Each item must be tagged with the seller’s name and the price. This is to prevent one person’s merchandise from wandering into another person’s stash by mistake since we aren’t sure of how much items will be brought in.
    • Each seller must cashier their own items and prices are negotiable with the seller.
    • 15% of sales goes to the Guild. Please pay our treasurer Eileen Roether at the end of the evening.
    • If you plan on selling or buying, bring small bills and change. Shopping bags are also a good idea.
    • Sellers are responsible for taking home their unsold goods. You also have the option of passing it on to Ednah Folk for her school fundraiser.
    • Items for sale can be finished items or raw materials.
    • There will also be a silent auction for a vintage sewing machine and obi fabric.

    Our Market Bag Challenge will also be launched at our February meeting. There will be 7 or 8 items included with the Market Bag. You will need to include over half the items, which must be visibly recognizable in the final creation. There is no limit to how much or how little of the supplied materials or your own materials you use. Participants must be 2019 members of the Guild and submit a $10 “intent-to-create” fee. It will be refunded when participants submit their finished work at the June meeting/high tea/potluck. The winner of the challenge (selected by secret ballot) will receive $100!